Mastery of EnergyCAP—Chargeback Accounting

Mastery of EnergyCAP—Chargeback Accounting

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EnergyCAP is the recognized leader in Chargebacks management software, because of the ease with which it streamlines and simplifies the allocation of energy consumption and costs for customers, internal departments, or tenants. If your organization depends on you to provide accurate allocations in a timely fashion, then this 19-lesson training program will set you up for success.

Detailed, video-based training topics include the following:

  1. What is a Chargeback Bill?
  2. Three Key Features
  3. How to Configure and Process Bill Calculations
  4. Demonstration - Bill Calculation Configuration
  5. Process Chargebacks and View Results
  6. Calculate the Difference between a Vendor Bill and Submeter Bills
  7. Using the Subtotal Feature
  8. Review Line Items on a Chargeback Bill
  9. Demonstration - Reverse Chargeback Steps
  10. How to Configure Bill Splits
  11. Demonstration - Bill Split Configuration
  12. Process Bill Splits
  13. Chargeback Icons
  14. Chargeback Workflow Explained
  15. Chargeback Log
  16. Workflow Settings
  17. Bulk Chargeback Setup
  18. Migrating chargebacks to EnergyCAP Version 7
  19. Updated Chargebacks Features

After you complete the lessons, you will receive a certificate noting your accomplishment and documenting 4.0 Professional Development Hours (PDH) earned.

New to EnergyCAP? We recommend that you complete the Mastery of EnergyCAP—Fundamentals and Utility Bill Accounting courses prior to enrolling in the Chargeback Accounting course.

NOTE: Each EnergyCAP Academy course is licensed for individual use only. Access to training materials should not be shared.


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